Safe and comfortable Walk-in Showers

Our walk-in showers are perfect for individuals with restricted mobility or disability requirements. We offer low-level easy access shower trays, walk in level-access showers and wet room facilities which make it easy for you to get in and out of the shower. They reduce the risk of a trip, slip or fall and help put confidence, comfort and independence back into showering.

Our walk-in showers are designed to provide a quick and easy alternative to conventional bathtubs. In most cases, they can be fitted exactly where your old bath used to be which will minimise the disruption to your bathroom.

Our Shower Range

The York

An elegant glass and polished chrome range in several designs to suit needs and requirements.

The Thirsk

An elegant brushed aluminium range in several designs to suit needs and requirements.

The Harrogate

A fresh and stylish white PVC range in different designs to suit needs and requirements.

Your Options

Choosing the right shower system for your needs

Deciding on the right walk-in shower to replace your old bath requires careful consideration. You need to think about your current needs, but it’s also worth thinking about how your needs may change over time, especially if you intend to stay in your current home for many years to come. Our walk-in showers are generally available in three categories: level-access showers, low-level showers (also known as easy-access showers) and wet rooms.

Low-level showers / easy-access showers

Low- level (easy-access) shower trays look like a regular shower tray, but the base is lower in height. The slip-resistant surface provides safety whilst the base prevents water from escaping out of the shower enclosure. This is useful if you have restricted mobility as the lower clearance makes it easy for you to step into the shower. However, this option is not the most suitable if you are a wheelchair user or if you think your decreasing mobility may require one in future.

Level-access showers

A level-access shower tray (also known as a level-entry shower tray) is installed flush to the floor. It provides unrestricted access to the shower with a minimal lip around the tray which creates a divide between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom. The tray has a slip-resistant surface for safety underfoot. Level-access showers are suitable for wheelchair users and represent a future proof bathroom facility which is user-friendly for all levels of mobility.

Wet room showers

Wet room showers have a completely waterproof membrane covering the whole bathroom floor area, so there is no need to install a tray to catch and drain the water. Like level-access showers, wet room showers provide unrestricted access and are suitable for wheelchair users. This is also an ideal solution for users where more space is required for assisted bathing with carers and alike. The open plan wet room makes using all the facilities quick and easy with room for any additional equipment that may be required.


Our range of stylish walk-in showers can give the mobility impaired a safer environment yet are adaptable to suit the whole family.

With so many options for you to choose from, our experts are always on hand to help guide you. We can assess your mobility needs and then by using our individual health questionnaire help to suggest which of our designs will work the best for you. All our products can be mixed and matched and packed full of features which make your bathroom both safe and comfortable. We offer a wide range of classic and modern styles to cater for your tastes and fit the aesthetics of your bathroom.

If you are struggling with your mobility and looking for a more accessible facility, please feel free to call us on freephone 0800 024 8522 where one of our friendly bathroom advisors will be able to offer you no obligation advice or even for just a friendly chat about your needs and requirements.

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